Friday, March 11, 2016

Learning From the Big Boys

Something that has been a mixed bag as a parent is kiddos' team sports.
Sometimes we get a good coach, sometimes we don't.
Sometimes the kids really want to play the sport and learn, 
sometimes their parents have forced them to be there!
But one thing has remained true.
When my children have been placed on teams where they are the youngest, 
least experienced or aren't the best player, they rise.
They are called higher by those around them and they greatly improve and grow.
It's awesome to see!
Little kids mentoring other little kids without even knowing it!

This is one of those awesome years for us as my little slugger got bumped up a level in baseball and now is in the youngest and least experienced category.
Without talking about the fact that there are some amazing players on his team, he just longs to be better.  He has seen these bigger boys crack that ball and he wants to do it too!
He is pushing himself, watching, learning, trying harder.
I love it!
In life, it's so important to surround ourselves with people who call us higher.
People who are doing life smarter, better, healthier, wiser than we are.
People who live like we aspire to live.
Watch them, learn from them, listen to them, and grow.

Proverbs 13:20 tells us that the one who walks with the wise, will become wise.

If we are spending most of our time with people who simply stroke our ego, 
it's likely we are not growing.
However, if we spend more time with folks who have been in the game longer than we have and have acquired more skills and wisdom along the way, we will grow, rise and become wise.
Are you at the top of your team?
Perhaps it's time to bump up a level and learn some new things from the big boys!

Happy Friday!

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