Friday, September 20, 2013

Kings and Kingdoms

As I mentioned earlier,
we decided to homeschool our girls this year.
(Some of you have asked how we came about that decision - I'll post on that next week)
Week 2 just ended, and so far I'm loving it!
NEVER thought I'd say that about homeschooling!

 My sweet friend hosted a Medieval Day of Fun for the littles and they got to dress up as peasants, kings, queens or princesses. 
Of course my girls didn't want to be peasants!
They worked on making a diorama of feudalism.
And of course now they are on display in our classroom as a wonderful teaching tool!
(and they're super cute!)
The other day I was in acupuncture, telling my acupuncturist about our lessons in the Middle Ages and how I mistakenly showed my daughters part of a documentary on William the Conqueror.  In the video there was a battle as William was trying to take the crown of England and an arrow went into a king's eye!  Super cool mom - should have pre-screened the video first!
Anyhooch, the girls were a little disturbed and asked why there were so many battles and wars?
  I told them that people wanted bigger kingdoms, so they killed people to take over their land and increase their kingdom.
As I was telling my acupuncturist about this, he said, "Isn't it interesting how God's kingdom is the opposite?  Jesus, the King, shed his own blood to increase his kingdom."  Because of His death, everyone could be part of His eternal kingdom.
Um, hi super cool acupuncture dude!
So, that was our expanded lesson today at homeschool - how the kings and kingdoms in the Medieval period were very different from our King and His Kingdom!
Happy Weekend!



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