Monday, May 6, 2013

Work in Progress

For 3 years I attended a discipleship / parenting class
and the teacher often said a little phrase that I've come to love!
"I'm not what I should be.
I'm not what I could be.
But I'm not what I was."

 We are all a work in progress!  And even the smallest changes are changes!
I can get discouraged with all that I should be or could be as a mom, a wife, or simply a person!
But I'm holding fast to the truth that I am not what I was!
I am changing and growing and learning all the time.
Our backyard reminded me of this this past weekend.
It's not yet what it should be.
It's not what it could be.
But it sure as heck isn't what it was!!!
The new grass is beautiful!  My husband and I just keep staring at it! 
And how perfect is it that after the last piece of sod was laid yesterday, it began to drizzle and has rained off and on through the night?!! 
It's almost like God is smiling on us, blessing our efforts, reminding us that when we work hard towards positive change, He ultimately will transform us and make us flourish!
We originally hired someone to dig up our yard that was horribly root bound from old trees. 
They were to remove all the old roots, fill in hole, level the yard and lay the sod.
They came and used the rototiller on the yard to removed a ton of old roots, but we were sad to
discover that they took a short cut and filled in holes with those dead roots and covered them up with dirt so it looked nice and level and new, but the truth was, under the surface there were still holes and with time, that dirt would settle and there would still be dips and ditches all over our yard!
My husband let those workers go and called his dad to come down and "do the job right."
It was a TON of work for them!  But in the end, they took care of the problem areas, filled them properly with dirt (not roots and debris) and now the yard will be flat and healthy for years to come!
You can't take a short cut when it comes to making life changes either.
If you do, the changes won't last!
Sometimes it's a lot of extra work to get in there, get rid of old junk and get filled up with new healthy stuff, but it's worth it in the end!
Don't get discouraged if change doesn't come fast enough!
Remember - you're a work in progress (like our yard)!
You're not what you should be,
not what you could be,
But you're not what you were!!
Happy Monday

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