Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daddy Hoedown

Last week at Macky's Pre-School they had a Daddy Hoedown!
Since school gets out before Father's Day, they do something special with the Dads early.
It's a cute cowboy theme where the kids get to shave their Daddys!
They play some cute games and then have breakfast with their Daddys.
It was incredible - we had full attendance by the Dads!  Our teacher said this was a first for her - sometimes Uncles come or Dads are out of town or can't get out of work...
But this year all 13 Dads were there!
It was awesome to see these grown men sitting in kiddie chairs!
Heads bowed, praying with their child before breakfast.
I teared up a little!
Some Dads were in suits, heading to the airport right after the Hoedown.
Some Dads came in their cowboy attire!
But the amazing thing was that they all came!  They went to work late, took the day off, postponed flights, you name it - they did what they had to to be there for their littles.

There is something pretty powerful about a Dad that loves Jesus and loves his kids.
I'm learning more and more just how hard it is to be a Dad.  I've known how hard it is to be a mom!  But I've been listening to my husband and watching him and men really wrestle with the balance of work and family.  They want to spend time with their families, but they want to provide for their families which often means time away from them.
It's really tough and I don't give my husband enough credit for the balancing act he does.
We need to be telling our men that we're proud of them more often.
I made a little appearance at the Hoedown simply to serve the food!
I asked some friends for a breakfast casserole recipe to make and I got some great responses! 
Unfortunately I couldn't make them all! 
 But I wanted to share the awesome recipes in case you're ever looking for one!
(my friend recommends using sourdough bread)
Green Chili Casserole
(Also known as Christmas Morning Casserole)
 Cover sides and bottom of 9x13 Casserole with non-stick spray..
Cover bottom with white bread – crusts removed.
Melt 1 cube of butter or margarine and pour over bread.
Layer 2 cups grated cheese (Colby/Longhorn)
2 small cans diced green chilies,
 1 lb. Plain pork sausage (browned, crumbled and drained)
Separate 8 eggs and add salt to the yolks.
Fold egg yolks into beaten egg whites.
Add 1 and ½ cups milk to the mixture and stir.
Pour over top of casserole  - add more cheese if desired.
Refrigerate overnight
Bake at 325 degrees in pre-heated oven for 1 hour – checking periodically
Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. Amen! As "hard" as my life is sometimes, I truly feel guilty at all the fun I get to have with my kids while my husband goes to work everyday simply so I can be able to do that! I took the kids to Busch Gardens yesterday and felt so bad that we had to leave Daddy behind. He was so gracious, though, and kept telling me what a privilege it is for him to be able to provide for our family in a way that lets me have the freedom to love our kids all day long. And that it's a comfort to him to know that I'm caring for them while he works. That's so humbling.



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