Friday, May 17, 2013

Dive In

Last year I was at a swim party with my daughters and there was a group of moms talking to each other, not paying attention to their young children in the pool.
All of a sudden, a little 3 year old jumped in to the pool and I had a heart attack.
I rushed to the side of the pool, only to see the tiny girl swim away!
I walked over to the group of moms and asked whose child that was and how in the world did she learn to swim so young?!
"Mean Marjene," She said.  And all the moms nodded.  Mean Marjene guarantees that after 2 weeks your child will be swimming and getting rings off the bottom of the pool!
So   we signed up!  Marjene, who must be in her eighties, and her daughter simply take a child and put them under water.  No big explanation.  No rules.  No demonstration.  They just speak quietly, "I love you, you're such a good simmer," and perhaps some other things I can't hear, and send the child off under the water!  And guess what?  The kids swim away!!  This is my son, day 2, who has never swam before!
It's unbelievable to watch!
Some kids scream and yell for Mommy on the first day and by day 3
they are jumping into the deep end!
PS- Marjene isn't mean at all.  She barely speaks above a whisper!
Sometimes  I think we over complicate things in life. We think too much and over analyze things.  Sometimes we just need to dive in and trust that small voice that says, "I love you.  You are great."
Is there a looming decision you need to make?
Are you afraid to try something new?
Perhaps you just need to stop thinking about it and dive in!
Happy Weekend!


  1. Love the analogy! Yay for Mack too! Actually, I was in the Atlantic today. I like pools. I don't like open water. I didn't think about it. Just copied my husband and jumped in before my kids or I knew I was scared. Then I got out. But instead of remembering how scared I was and lingering on something I didn't do, I was instantly proud of what I had accomplished and have an encouraging memory instead. Maybe next time I can take a bigger step or just the next step.

    Love your encouraging words and reminders of truth!



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