Friday, December 7, 2012

Santa's Breakfast

Years ago we thought it would be fun to have Santa come to the house and take the children's Christmas wishes and leave them with a small toy before the big night. 
The first year didn't go so well!
But the second year was a hit!
Then the third year ended with, "Santa looks and sounds like Grandpa!" 
So that ended our Santa visits to the house!
But this year we thought it would be fun to kick off the Christmas season with Santa's Breakfast, inviting our little friends to come in their jammies for some morning fun and this year we told everyone that our Daddy was going to pretend to be Santa!  We didn't try to fool anyone!

Somehow I didn't get a photo of all the food once it was on the table!  But I wanted the menu to be simple with things I could make ahead so I could enjoy the party:
Ham and Cheddar Quiche (I made the day before and just reheated)
2 kinds of Monkey Bread (also assembled the night before and baked as guests arrived which made the house smell wonderful!)
Cutie Oranges and Grapes
Cranberry Bread
Banana Bread
Lemon Blueberry Poppy Seed Bread

We had a little Hot Cocoa Bar

Thanks to the dollar store, we hung up red plastic table cloths around our garage and with some twinkle lights, we turned it into our gingerbread house factory!

I made 22 gingerbread houses out of graham crackers the night before (if you haven't done this, is so easy and gives everyone the fun of decorating without all the work of baking real gingerbread!)

After the houses were done, I wrapped them in cellophane with a little bow so it was easy for everyone to take them home without making a big mess.
Our church was collecting new toys to open a shop for local families in need where they can come pick out toys for their children, so I invited the families to bring toys to donate and it was awesome to see all the toys come in!
We had a little table set up where children could write letters to Santa. 
I had no idea this would be so popular!

The "Daddy Santa" ran through the backyard and was greeted with lots of screams and giggles!

Can I just say, having a party in your pajamas is one of the greatest things I've ever done!
And as they left, our guests took home some Magic Reindeer Food (that my girls made earlier that week) and their gingerbread house.

The End!
Have a Merry Weekend!


  1. That is such a wonderful thing to do! I never thought of having a children's santa breakfast. My children are older now so they have found out the truth about Santa. Such a wonderful idea!

  2. Oh my gosh, I am in tears...LITERALLY! THIS IS AMAZING! I love the idea of a Santa breakfast... and you decorated beautifully. I REALLY wish we lived closer so we could do these fun things with your kiddos!



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