Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bloggy Friends

When I started this blog almost 3 years ago I had no idea what I was in for.  I knew nothing about blogging.  I didn't read any blogs.  I innocently thought that I was one of the only people doing this!  HA!  But now I'm more than amazed by the blogging world and the community that is formed within it. 
Who knew?!!
I was blown away when I had my miscarriage how many women, I've never met in person, reached out to me to pray for me and encourage me.  Writing about my miscarriage on my blog really allowed me to be ministered to in deep ways that I wouldn't have been otherwise.
And when I started to write about my struggle with anxiety - this one still blows me away - I've been blessed by the many women who have share their stories of anxiety and have prayed for me and not only encouraged me, but passed along helpful resources and hope.  It's been incredible.
This little blogging world has shown me that we are not alone in our struggles.
Because of blogging, I've experienced the body of Christ in new ways.
(Now I'm sounding like a PSA!)
Through this journey of blogging, there have been a couple of women that have become friends.  Sweet women who live in different states, have different backgrounds, have different life experiences, but have become friends of mine.
One lady in particular is a treasure to me.
She is a love from Oklahoma.  She also has twins.  She loves her husband and talks about him often!  And she loves Jesus.
Just through leaving consistent comments on my blog, we started a friendship that now includes texting! 
Just last night she texted me to pray for her friend that was being held hostage in the mall in Oregon with the shooter.  I immediately stopped dinner and prayed.  Praise God that her friend is safe!
I recently got a package in the mail from Rachel.  How cool is that? 
Not electronic mail, but real mail!!
She made me these adorable Christmas coasters!
Aren't they awesome?
I'm totally in love with them.  And her!
And paired with a cup of hot tea and Mini Gingerbread Men with White Fudge Icing from Trader Joe's, well, what could be better?
Thank you Rachel.
 And thank you blogging world for new friends, encouragement and the power of prayer amongst Jesus lovers.
Check out Rachel's Blog here


  1. Tears... that is all I can say!

    I love you, my friend!



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