Monday, December 10, 2012

10 on 10 December

10 on 10 December
10 photos - one an hour on the 10th of December :)


1.  Favorite journal - alone time before the children are up
2.  remembering to move the elves, still before the children are up!
3.  breakfast
4.  packing lunches
5.  Spidey walked the girls to school to make sure they were safe!
6.  showing my husband how much I love him by cleaning my closet!
7.  for the glory of God - Shekinah - acupuncture apointment
8.  buying stamps for Christmas cards
9.  driving home after errands
10.  little Spidey after his nap


  1. I love the Elf, hiding in there, so sweet. Great photos!



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