Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Cookies

It's become a holiday tradition that Grammie comes to bake with the children before Christmas.
This year she arrived a little under the weather, so we missed a few days while she stayed in bed!
But we made up for it on the last day.

One of our favorite cookies to make is the Spritz Cookies
They are easy, we get to use the cookie press, and the children love to sprinkle them!
OH, and they're delicious!!
 *Remember my tip last year,
tape off half of the holes on the sprinkle shaker so that they don't pour out so fast!
Grammie brought super cute aprons for us this year!
Even the little dude got in on the action with his Home Depot apron!!
Christmas is such a special time of year!
Lately, I've heard so many things like,
"Christmas is all about the kids."
"Christmas is all about family and friends being together."
"Christmas is all about being cozy on the couch with the tree lights on and a good Christmas movie."
Those things are lovely, but that really isn't what Christmas is about at all. 
Christmas is all about Jesus. 
God saw the world and all its striving and decided to come down and end all of that. 
He loved us so much that He came to us!  He doesn't expect us to strive to get to Him!  He knows we could never do that!  We'll never be "good enough."
So He sent His Son Jesus to be with us, one of us, and end our striving.
Christmas is all about God loving us so much that He sent us a Savior.
He could have sent us a rich man so that we all could have more money.
He could have sent us a lawyer to defend us.
He could have sent us law enforcement to protect us.
But He knew we needed salvation, so He sent us a Savior.
What do you need to be saved from today?
Jesus didn't just come to save us from hell one day.
He came to save us from the hell we live in today.
Evil.  Fear.  Sin.  Poor choices.  Broken families.  Grief.  Sorrow.  Pain.
He was born so that He would know our suffering and ultimately He'd suffer to save us.
He is our Savior.
Knowing Jesus and knowing that He understands our suffering brings great peace and promise in life.  Even in the midst of the darkness that our world suffers from, there is hope.  
God with us. 
He is not apart from us in our suffering, He is WITH us.
And that is what Christmas is all about.  
God sent us a Savior.



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