Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In Their World

I had no idea that they were even outside and I looked out the window and saw this
They set everything up themselves and were having a lovely time.
I immediately thought they needed this

So I delivered their treats on a tray and they were beside themselves. It was like their little dreams came true and tiny pink cakes appeared with homemade lemonade in real tea cups!
They couldn’t stop smiling.

I sat on the grass with them in the shade of our lemon tree and felt completely like I was 5 years old again. I felt their excitement and joy as their little teddy bear picnic just went to a new level. My mom used to do special things like that for me all the time. It was a magical moment. Simple, yet magical.
I think the reason why this was such a magical moment for me was because my very first reaction to seeing my little princesses outside with many of their toys was to surprise them with treats. Sadly, this is not my usual immediate response to such celebrations. My first reaction is usually, “oh my gosh, now they’re messing up another place.” Or, “I’d better go remind them that all that needs to be cleaned up and brought back in the house.” It seems that they are daily throwing parties which include pulling out everything they own, wrapping it up in paper and tape for the party favors and “decorating” every room in the house! Sounds precious. But to me it sounds like a mess.
But this day was different and the moment I saw them through the window I just wanted to dive into their little world of imagination, innocence and fun. I confess that far too much of my time as a mom is spent being a grown up. I’m always focused on the practical aspects of the day, what needs to be done and how to best do it. I know we all don’t live in the moment nearly enough, but for me it’s more than that. I don’t live in their world enough. I'm reminded of my God who was so intent on being "in our world," that he actually came to live amongst us and be present with us.  He longs to be a  part of every detail of my life and experience it all with me.  He is not preoccupied with His huge "to do " list and His agenda for my life. 
He is completely preoccupied with me.
In the magical moment of the teddy bear picnic under the lemon tree,
I was completely in their world and I loved it.


  1. Oh I love this post.. it's so true. Thank goodness He doesn't get tired of us/ or not want to take the time with us..:)

  2. this is lovely!! how fun! thanks for linking up.

  3. These are the things I always thought I'd look forward to as a parent. I wasn't going to be the killjoy. But now that I'm a parent, I find myself getting exasperated at the things my daughter does in a quest for adventure because of the extra work they cause me. Thank you for reminding me to play.

  4. My girls set up house under our orange tree out back! From time to time I too remember to surprise them and contribute to their playtime rather than squelch it with responsibility reminders...

  5. Your girls are beautiful. That sounds like a perfect day. I think we all need to dive into our children's magical worlds a little more often.

  6. So very true! Brought tears to my eyes as I read it... I feel like I spend most of my day correcting and not enough time just letting them be kids...and participating with them! Thanks for the reminder!



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