Thursday, August 11, 2011

Embrace SFO

As I mentioned here, I dropped off my little ladies at Grammie Camp last week.  But before I left them, we made a visit to The City By The Bay.
 The City didn't disappoint with it's typical fog!
 We walked out on the bridge and my Dad and I were surprised to say that it was our first time walking on the Golden Gate eventhough we've lived up there for over 36 years!
 A nice squishy hug from Papa after lunch in Sausalito, where the sun came out!
 Yes, I was there too - so this is a legal ETC post!
And who joined us for ice cream before we left the city? 
Uncle Kenny! 
If you're ever in San Francisco, you must visit Humphry Slocombe for ice cream.  Flavors like Jesus Juice (wine and Cocoa Cola), Elvis - The Fat Years (banana, peanut butter, bacon)... it's amazing!


  1. Beautiful pictures! You are all so adorable! Love the girls' outfits!

  2. Gorgeous photos! What a lovely day!

  3. Gorgeous! A teensy bit jealous here... I love he city. Hubs, not so much. Maybe a girls day will do sometime. But I sure wish I could convince my guy that there is loveliness there!
    Oh. I has always wished to walk the bridge. As a kid, my mom was always nervous with all the children, we never did it. As a grown up, it has lost some of the appeal. It's pretty much like walking along a highway. Maybe I'll pass. :)

  4. Beautiful! Love your cardigan. San Francisco is one place in Cali that I have never visited. I need to get there - even just to have that ice cream!

  5. I love that first photo!

    -fellow embracer of the camera :)

  6. great photos! we love the children's museum out there in sausalito. gotta try that ice cream place next time we're there. :) and i've also lived in the bay area all my life and have probably walked the gg only two or three times.

  7. priceless photos. all of them. i love sf!



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