Monday, August 15, 2011

Intentional Family

I walked into the auditorium with butterflies like I had in my insecurities as a college freshman, walking into the cafeteria alone for the first time.  I feared that someone would ask me what I did for a living or what brought me to the conference.  Truth is, I’m a stay at home mom with little to no business going to a Global Leadership Conference for 2 days.  But I saw it advertised a few months back and my heart skipped a beat – I really wanted to go.  Finding childcare for 2 full days and the cost of the conference quickly shot down that dream until I received a personal invitation to attend the conference.  I knew this was something that God provided for me and I quickly said yes.  Last Thursday and Friday were 2 of the most life giving, challenging, revealing, inspiring days I’ve spent in years.  Much of the language used addressed CEOs, corporations, organizations, church leaders… and I continued to feel like, “why am I here?”  Until I began to translate their lectures into, “family, mother, household…”  At that moment God gave me a vision to be as intentional with my family as a CEO is with their corporation.  To have vision, a strategy, “employee” training, “workplace” behavior guidelines, and an overall intentional approach to doing family.  My wheels didn’t stop spinning for the rest of the conference!  So, starting in the Fall I’m going to start a new series on my blog called Intentional Family.  I’m going to take the principles I’ve learned from the Global Leadership Summit and apply them to family life.  I’m really excited about this and hope that you’ll join me on this journey to being Intentional with our Families.  (more details to come)


  1. I 100% believe in intentional living, parenting, and loving. I loved this post! Have you ever read Bigger Picture Blogs? It is all about intentional living. I'm not trying to spam (I rarely talk about it, but I love the community) anyway... as I was saying. This post is fantastic!


  2. I know that conference must've been amazing and I know God must've had you there for a reason. Can't wait to hear more about Intentional Family...:)

  3. Very excited. "intentional" is a word we use so often in our house it's almost ridiculous. I'm so excited to be challenged afresh in what it means for family.

  4. This is so fitting... I just ran across a Stephen Covey quote from my corporate days, and realized how much these things apply in our day-to-day as moms. I can't wait for your series!



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