Monday, April 4, 2011

Put Your Weight Down

“When I was at the party,” said Betty, age just 4.
“A little girl fell off her chair,
right down upon the floor.”
“All the other children began to laugh but me. I didn’t laugh a single bit,” said Betty seriously.
“And why didn’t you laugh darling?
Or don’t you want to tell?”
“I didn’t laugh,” said Betty,
“because it was me that fell!”

I learned this poem from my mom when I was a child. I’m not really sure where it came from. And I sure don’t know why I heard it often enough to have committed it to memory! But the knowledge of this little gem came in handy this past weekend when I was at a party – a ladies only tea party with my daughters!
     We were one chair short, so a friend willingly offered her spare folding chair. I was the lucky one to be assigned the “high adventure chair,” and it didn’t disappoint! We were seated and started our lovely tea with our daughters. Each little girl decorated a Spring hat with flowers and wore them at the table which only added to the festive afternoon. After getting up to get some more delicious tea sandwiches, I returned to my seat and sat down – way down – like all the way down to the floor as the chair broke into pieces! Luckily I wasn’t too hurt, but after composing myself, the little quip from my youth came back to me and I entertained the ladies by reciting the poem – my mom would have been so proud!
     Now nursing a bruised bum, I’m reminded of a friend who used to talk about faith like “putting your weight down” on something. Like putting your faith in a chair when you put your weight down on it, if we are going to trust our lives to Jesus, we’re going to have to put our weight down on Him. Are you putting your weight down on something solid and secure like Jesus? Or are you putting your weight down on a high adventure that the world is tempting you with that will lead to a great fall?
*See Allison – you were right! I could fit that experience into a blog post!!!


  1. This got me laughing out loud. Your Mom would have been proud of your grace and pose as well.

  2. I feel HORRIBLE for laughing at your mis-adventure... LOL! least you "learned" something from it, right?

  3. that's so sweet and funny! (sorry)!!! LOVE IT!
    the poem is great!



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