Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When All Gets Quiet

Sometimes as a Mom we savor the moments when all gets quiet. All the children are asleep, a moment alone in the car, or even a midnight feeding. Then there are times when all gets quiet and we begin to panic! Then children are off playing and we hear nothing – what kind of trouble is going on? The other day this kind of quiet came over my home and part of me was tempted to go see what kind of mischief the little ones were into. However, the other part of me just wanted to let them be, regardless of what was going on, and let them relish in the moment of being all alone, doing whatever they wanted! It was a gamble, but I won! I let them alone for about 45 minutes and then peeked in to find a magical moment. They had dressed themselves up in silly clothes and were playing so nicely together with beautiful, innocent imaginations. My heart was full.
I had a brief day dream about God when all gets quiet in his home –
when He hasn’t heard from me in awhile.
When all gets quiet on my end of life does He panic that I’m getting into trouble?
Does He sit back and let me go, only to peek in on me later to find me serving Him quietly?
I want to be found honoring God with my life when all gets quiet.


  1. What a beautiful experience. I can't wait to get there.

    I have a must have! Two, actually. Dansko clogs (for the winter) and Naot sandals for the summer. Moms put such strain on their backs by squatting and standing, wlking, and lifting all day. I've got a bad back anyway. Danskos have saved me from months of physical therapy. They're not the cutest shoes in the world, but they're awesome. Naots, however, are really cute and just as awesome for back support. Both Naots and Danskos will set you back quite a chunk of change, but I wear them, literally, every day and they're much less expensive than regular physical therapy!

  2. Super cute! Isn't it funny how the children usually get along best when we are not hovering?



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