Monday, May 17, 2010

Spare Key
I recently locked my keys in my car, in the garage! I always leave my keys in the car when I’m at home so they are exactly where I need them as I’m running out the door. My husband was out of town for the week and I somehow managed to also have the spare set in my purse, which was locked in the car!
What do we do in life when our “key” or our plan A fails? Do we go to plan B – our “spare key”? But what if plan B also doesn’t work? Then what? As I called AAA to come out and unlock my car so I could go pick up my daughters from school, I started to think about the “spare keys” of my life. I realized that I sometimes treat God like my spare key, or my back-up plan. When my plan fails, I go to Him and ask Him to rescue me. But really, God isn’t a back-up plan, He is the plan! His ways are perfect. Sometimes it may not seem like it as things get tough and don’t always make sense, but God can see the larger picture and His plan for us is the best possible plan. The reality is, when God is the main key of my life, there is no need for a spare key.

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