Tuesday, May 4, 2010

As If It Were My Last
I just spent three days with my Grandma in the nursing home where she was recently moved into. It was a powerful and convicting visit. God answered my prayers for a few good conversations with my Grandma where she was alert and as sharp as usual. One day she seemed to think that she was in heaven. My Grandmother is a strong Christian woman who has served God faithfully her whole life. She played the piano in her church for at least 30 years, she served the missionaries, and has always been involved in the church. I was amazed at the things she was saying on her “day in heaven.” “Have you seen God Raeanne?” “Not yet Grandma. Have you?” “No, but I can’t wait to fall at His feet,” she said with a smile. Through tears she continued, “I’ve prayed for this my whole life. Can you believe it? I’ve waited so long for this.” Then she started naming the people that she needed to look up, friends who are already in heaven. She quoted scripture, sang hymns, and glowed as she basked in the peace of being in heaven where she didn’t need to worry about a thing. Only a day before she cried as she told me, “I love life,” knowing that hers is coming to a close. She insisted that she didn’t want to be in a rest home. But now she was tapping into what she’s known her whole life and longed for – her true home. Everything she has been filling her soul with was now the reality and source of her peace. I was convicted. What am I filling my life with? In my final chapter, what will be in the forefront of my mind? Will it be the excitement and anticipation of seeing God? Will scripture that I’ve memorized flood my mouth as the words ring true and bring comfort and peace? Will I hear God say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”? I am inspired by my Grandma. Her faith and love of Jesus has challenged me to get on it! To once again let the roots of Scripture sink down deep and become the foundation of all that I am. To live today as if it were my last; not indulging in my material cravings, but studying scripture and living with excitement and anticipation of seeing His face very soon.

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  1. What a beautiful life your Grandma has lived and a beautiful family she has raised up to continue her legacy of faithfulness. And what a blessing to have such rich wisdom to learn from at this stage in your life.



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