Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day
I always thought my mother was pretty amazing, but I never knew how super human she really was until I became a mother. My mom is someone that everyone should have the privilege of knowing. She is a “magical” person – once you meet her, you’ll never be the same. I am so honored that my mom is the woman that so many other women strive to be like. She is an extraordinary cook, she keeps an impeccable home, she dresses to the nines (most of the time!), she sings beautifully, she paints with whimsy, she keeps a lovely garden, she’s kind, she’s generous, she’s never met a stranger! She laughs all the time, freely gives compliments, always puts others first, keeps going beyond what anyone else can do, and lives life to the fullest extent. But, in the midst of all those fabulous things, her finest quality is that she radiates joy. She truly glows all the time with a power that sucks everyone in! Her secret – Jesus. My mother is a God fearing woman who clings to Him at any cost. She loves the Lord and serves Him faithfully and thus is filled with the joy of the Lord and His strength that is so attractive to all who come in contact with her. I’ve learned so much from my mom and continue to do so everyday. I hope and pray that I will be just like her and that my children will see Jesus in me as much as I see Him in my mom. Some people spend their whole lives looking for a best friend. I’m lucky that I was born to mine. I love you Moma, Happy Mother’s Day.

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  1. Like mother, like daughter! And what a beautiful photo of you two amazing women. I just adore Melody. :)



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