Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Just A Season
My life moto was always, “live life with no regrets.” Not making foolish decisions, but perhaps pushing myself a bit more to do things that I might normally not, but in the end be thankful that I did. Take risks because “where there is risk, there is reward.” I went on many life changing adventures because of this moto!

Once I started having children my moto changed. It became, “it’s just a season.” With the radical life change that children bring, it’s easy to miss the old days of sleeping in, traveling wherever and whenever, going out to a movie on a Friday night without planning ahead, having a clean house… But the sleepless nights are just a season. Staying home for vacation is just a season. Renting a movie and having frozen pizza on Friday nights is just a season. A messy house that I can’t get ahead of – “it’s just a season!” All too soon these precious jewels will grow up and the season of freedom will return and I’ll probably miss the days when we played hide-n-seek, sang silly songs at dinner, and an unwelcomed little person snuggled in bed with me in the middle of the night. I probably won’t miss the messy house though!

With the daily challenges that motherhood or life in general brings, I constantly remind myself, “it’s just a season.” I can’t possibly accomplish all that I used to in one day because I now have 3 children added in the mix. With each new season of life, my goals and expectations must change or I’ll forever be disappointed. It’s not making excuses or becoming less ambitious! It’s being realistic and making room for new joy that is offered in new seasons of life. I need to also remember that the joy of cuddling a baby in the middle of the night is just a season. Putting pigtails in little girls' hair and going down slides at the park is just a season too.

It is important to embrace the season you’re in. There is a time to mourn the loss of single life once you get married. There is a time to mourn the fun carefree newlywed life once children come. But as my old pastor in Seattle used to say, “crying is ok for a time, but eventually you need to stop and figure out what you are going to do.” Today I’m embracing the season I’m in. I’m not going to fight it. I’m going to live into every aspect of it, even the tough stuff. Because I know this season is preparing me for the next one and if I miss the lessons of this season, I won’t be equipped for the next. And as we all know, seasons always change.


  1. Love these inspiring words! Thanks! By the way, which pastor said that? Love to you in this season of little people, Raeanne! Love, Carmie

  2. Oh Carmie! It was Earl of course!! When he was talking about Narnia, I think one of the kids said this in one of the books. I just remember the quote and Earl's quirky way of saying it!

  3. hello darling.
    i promise to peek in here to check up on you... blogging has been a highlight in my life for the past 2-3 years. I love seeing into the lives of friends as well.

    loved this entry. Lord knows, I survive with that mindset, as well as the idea that all I have to figure out is "one thing at a time"



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