Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Having a Happy Heart
I've been trying to teach my children to "have a happy heart." Meaning that their attitude, words and actions would come from a happy heart, not a mean one! What we say and do are reflective of what is in our heart. If they are mean to each other or disrespectful to me, I ask them, "do you have a happy heart? Did those words come from a happy heart?" It's no surprise that they know the right answer - No! Even at a very young age they know that they have a choice in how they act. Why do we gravitate towards the bad, negative or wrong way? In training my children, I'm kinda training myself! I often choose the negative outlook, the harsh response or disrespectful tone. I'm trying to change that and it daily takes practice. Choose what is right. Dwell on what is true and kind. Focus on the good. Purify my heart O God! I want my words and actions to come out of a heart that is clean and "happy." I'm grateful that God forgives and purifies my heart when I ask Him, because I could never attain a pure and right heart on my own.

These photos are of little people with happy hearts! I hope they add a smile to your day and put a little "happy" in your heart too!

1 comment:

  1. What good encouragement, Raeanne. Thanks for a good perspective on how to teach our little ones the Best and True Things.



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