Friday, September 11, 2015

You Should! Oh No I Shouldn't!

I had a meeting at our church this morning, and as I arrived and saw the parking lot full, I realized that today was the kick-off to the women's Bible study.
As I walked into the church, many women were gathering to meet at the opening session.
I was trying to make my way to the church offices where I was meeting a pastor to chat
 when I heard, 
"Oh hi Raeanne," from a familiar voice.
I turned to see a friend of mine who assumed I was there for the Bible study.
When I asked her if she were there for the study, she said yes and asked, "aren't you?"
"No, I'm not going to do it this year," I replied.
"You should," she said.

In my somewhat feisty and sassy way I told her that, "oh no, I shouldn't!" and told her I know it will be a great study and perhaps I'd join in January, bur for now I'm taking the Fall off.

Now that my children are in school and I have my days open without 3 little people, it would be really easy for me to sign up for all sorts of good things that I would enjoy.
Bible study being one of them!
Bible studies are great.
But I had a sense that I wanted to get back to a place of living my life with intention and not just doing things because they were good and I'd enjoy them.
I want to know down deep in my soul that God has ordained my commitments and that means not diving into anything just because now I have the freedom to.
Some people don't understand that.
The woman I saw today was quick to tell me I "should" do the study!  
But I know what I should do is take a quiet few months to be still and listen.
To step away from the good opportunities around me and wait.
Wait until God stirs my heart and says, "this is the way, walk in it."
Waiting can be hard.
Am I wasting time?
But I believe things must become still.
Very still.
Painfully still, 
in order for me to have the space to truly hear God and be directed by Him.
Even if that means saying no to some good things like women's Bible study for now!

I read Susie Larson's post today on Ann Voskamp's blog and laughed!
"Nothing drains us more 
than signing up for things 
God never asked us to do."
I guess I need to read Susie's new book, "Your Sacred Yes," because she's speaking my language!!
Go read her post!!!

Happy Weekend

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