Tuesday, September 15, 2015


This past weekend I received a very special gift.
My Aunt from Illinois came down to my house for a day while she was on her California visit and she brought piles and piles of my Grandmother's recipes.
Pure gold spilled out all over our coffee table!

I was beside myself and almost didn't want to crack open the large manila envelopes filled with numbers and ingredients and generations of stories, because the anticipation was almost as delicious as what was inside.
As I poured over the recipes, I'd ask my Aunt questions, "do you remember your mom making this?  what exactly is 'oleo'?  do you make these recipes?"  
It was so much fun to hear the stories that these old recipe cards brought up.
Stories of holidays, potlucks, birthdays, reunions, Sunday afternoon fudge!

As I found the noodle recipe, I told my own memory of Grandma coming to visit and making homemade noodles with beef for supper. 
 I was excited at the thought of trying to tackle these noodles now myself!
How I wish my Grandma Jones was still here to ask guiding questions.
Recipes are like guides.
They give specific details, but what if you don't know what a "butter size walnut" is!  Or what about "sweet milk" and "sour milk"?  It would be so nice to have someone around to ask these questions, someone who has made these recipes and knows the answers to my questions.

Grandma's well worn Bread Recipe that she used for loaves and for her famous cinnamon rolls.  The rolls that have eluded me for many years!!!  I would give anything to have just one more day with her to teach me how to make her decadent cinnamon rolls.
But without her, I continue to try on my own, try new things, add things, take away others, just trying to recapture that one memory filled bite of Grandma's heart and soul.
I'm excited to pour through these recipes and get cooking!
I'm sure many years of trial and error lie ahead of me, but I'm going to enjoy every moment and the memories that come flooding back along the way!

And PS, how crazy cute is this little Duncan Hines' cook book?
Cute little man in a suit cooking in the kitchen.  
"All-Time Favorite Recipes"  all for 50 cents!!

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