Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Supper Club

It all started last year when I invited a group of women into my home and 
participate in the study of Ann Voskamp's book,
"1000 Gifts."
It was wonderful and the group of women God brought together far exceeded my expectations.
When the study was over, we just couldn't part ways and decided to start a Supper Club and meet once a month to cook, eat and laugh together, centering around Shauna Niequist's book
"Bread And Wine."

Let me just say that the monthly dinners with the Supper Club have nourished me 
in more ways than just one!
This Godly group of women have challenged me, loved me, affirmed me, fed me, prayed for me, 
and given me many reasons to laugh!!
I have to admit, when I first though of asking some women to join me in my home to go through "1000 Gifts," I had a very specific group in mind.  
But one by one, the women I thought would benefit from reading that book, were unable to attend.
And one by one, God spoke a name to me of another group of women who weren't even on my radar!
I wanted to minister to some women around me, 
but God wanted me to be ministered to by some very special women!
We've shared over a dozen meals together and 
I'm so blessed to be part of such a special group of ladies.
I love being surprised by God - when I think I have a good idea, He has a great one!!

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