Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Healing Powers of the Ocean

There are 2 things I swear by when anyone in my family gets sick - sick soup and the ocean!
I have always firmly believed in the healing powers of the ocean.
Let's be honest, a few hours at the beach cures all!
I recently was hit with a cold and had to miss a family camping trip to stay in bed and get well.
On day 2 of being home alone, I realized that I needed to go to the beach and experience some healing powers of the sea
 Off I went.

As I walked on the sand I breathed deeply.
The soothing sound of the waves, the forgiving sand beneath my feet, the briny air that filled my lungs, together I could feel them melting away my cold!
I smiled as I thought back on all the times I've taken a child to the beach on day 2 of their cold
Just sitting and looking out at the vastness before us,
unable to wrap our heads around the beginning and end.
I recently read that the percentage of salt in the sea is the same as the percentage of salt in the human body!  Some say that proves we evolved from the sea.  I say it proves that our God has woven a common thread throughout all of His creation and He is constantly surprising us with His creativity and purposes. ( I also think it proves my theory that the ocean has healing powers!)
After my walk I sat down and began to read my Lenten devotional from Ann Voskamp. 
The passage was from Matthew 6:5-13
In this devotional, you slowly read the passage 3 times,
allowing specific phrases to rise off the page and penetrate your heart.
In this passage about how to pray, one phrase jumped up and struck me -
"your Father knows what you need before you ask Him."
With the sea air filling my lungs and blowing my hair, I smiled.
He knew.
I didn't have to ask.
He knew.
As a homeschooling Moma, I rarely get a few hours alone.
I don't remember the last time I was sick in bed, literally!  My children cried as they left to go camping without me, "will you ever get better Mommy?" 
 I laughed because I just don't think they've ever seen me in bed with a cold!
But God knew what I needed before I even asked.
I got to spend 3 days home alone.
God's healing powers of the ocean not only soothed my cold, but they soothed my soul.
He knows what I need before I even ask!
Do you know that God is for you?
Do you know that He sees your need and longs to provide?
Surrender today.
Stop going about your business (busy-ness) and open your hands to receive.

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