Friday, February 27, 2015


This year we tried to persuade the children to forgo birthday parties and just take a family trip to LEGOLAND.  However, the little guy couldn't wrap it around his head.
"That sounds great!  And my party will be an Army Party."
"No buddy, we're not going to have parties this year.  Our trip will be your party!"
"OK.  And when we get back we can have an Army Party."
Oh forget it!
So, we decided to go totally simple (my mom is laughing!) and invite a few close friends, raid Daddy's closet for Army stuff and spend maybe $20 at the Dollar Store.
 The only thing I made was the cake, thanks to Pintrist for the fun idea!

 Each kiddo threw on some Army camo and posed with the flag.
 Then PT began

We set up a fun obstacle course of a Paratrooper Drop, Belly Crawl, Zig Zag run, Grenade Toss, and Fortress Escape!

 Gotta love Dollar Store balloons!!

Then to the Chow Hall for dinner.
We prayed for all the men and women that serve our country.

After dinner they were given their secret mission assignment and camo face paint!
We hid (aka threw) about 120 tiny army men all over the back yard. 
Each soldier was issued a flash light, compass, and glow stick.
In the dark, their mission was to rescue the MIA soldiers and return them to safety before the enemy tagged them.  They needed to use their training earlier to be quiet, quick and strong!
If they got tagged by the enemy, they had to hand over all their MIA tiny Army men and crack their glow stick and hold it above their head and wait for a fellow soldier to come free them.
After the mission was accomplished, we went back to the Chow Hall and celebrated!

Then back out to the dark to play with sparklers.

A great night was had by all and truly...
the Mission was accomplished!!!
(did you know they make Army men gummies??)


  1. Army men gummies!!!??? Awesome party, as always :-)

  2. Army men gummies!!!??? Awesome party, as always :-)



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