Thursday, March 19, 2015

Use It Or Lose It

The other day I was in a neighbor's backyard and the intoxicating smell of orange blossoms overwhelmed me.  Her orange tree was covered with tiny white flowers that had all the bees buzzing.
In our backyard we have a very prolific lemon tree, an orange tree and a grapefruit tree, but as I looked at her tree, I realized that we don't have any blossoms on our citrus trees yet.
As I walked home, the fragrance of orange blossoms filled the air and shouted, "Spring is here!".
I quickly went into my backyard only to realize that me trees are filled with fruit, but hardly any blossoms.  Maybe new blossoms can't come if the tree is still filled with fruit.
Perhaps all the fruit needs to be picked and used in its season so that new blossoms can bloom and bring forth new fruit?
I got a basket and began to pick all of our oranges, wondering if I were too late - would new blossoms come, producing new fruit?  Did I miss the season because I was too lazy to pick the fruit when it was ready?
Good life lesson - use it or lose it!
God has given each of us gifts and talents, fruit of sorts, and if we don't use those gifts for His glory, they just sit and not only don't bring joy to us and those around us, but eventually they rot.
Unused fruit also robs us of growing in bigger and brighter ways, producing even more fruit.
What unique gift has God given you?
Are you using it?
Use it or lose it!

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