Monday, July 28, 2014

Yummy Summer: Celebrate

I have a Summer birthday.
As a kid I always missed getting cupcakes at school and the big celebration in the classroom,
but my mom always made up for it with super fun birthday parties!
Now I love to throw fun birthday parties for my kids because it's a great creative outlet for me and I get to relive all my fun parties as a child!
But, my children can't really understand why as adults we don't really have birthday parties!
(I kinda don't understand it either!!)

So for my birthday "party," this little dude wanted to set up a hot dog stand!
(I'm in love with his knee highs and cowboy boots!)

"And Daddy, there must be tikki torches."

We brought a table in to our pergola to eat our dinner and it was so much fun until someone screamed, "dead rat!"  Super cool birthday surprise!
(they weren't kidding!)

I love this picture for many reasons, but mostly because I really look 41 in it!
(tired, a few more wrinkles, slouchy)
"WHAT?" you say, "there is no way you could be 41!"
You're too kind.
I am.

My mom always said she hates photos of herself blowing out the candles.
I can't imagine why!

I made it - another year older!

Summer is a great time to celebrate someone you love.
It doesn't have to be their birthday, it doesn't have to be fancy,
just throw on some knee highs and cowboy boots, light some tikki torches, serve hot dogs and homemade cake (leave out the dead rat) and let someone know how much you love them!

How are you making this Summer Yummy?

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