Friday, July 18, 2014


We recently returned from an adventure in San Francisco.
Today I'm sharing a little Chinatown highlight!
 Check out the view from the top of the parking structure!

I could have just stayed on the roof all day!  It was a spectacular day in SFO!

On our drive up from Los Angeles, I was searching YELP for the best Dim Sum in Chinatown.
Good Mong Kok Bakery was our winner.
Not touristy
Off the main road
No menu
No seating
Perhaps a bit risky!
That's how I like it!

We got in line and were a bit nervous because the place is very tiny and there is a bit of the "soup nazi" feel when you go to order!  It was a little stressful with the line, no menu and language barrier (or was there?!)

Check out those stacks of steaming delights!!
Mouth wide open was exactly how I felt!

Lunch for 5 for $12!
In addition to YELP, I called on my oldest friend Marc (friends since we were 2 years old and still going strong!) to give us his grand tour of Chinatown.  
There is little this guy doesn't know about San Francisco!

We took our lunch to the steps of the Chinese Methodist Church 
and enjoyed the authentic delights.
(I hoped the food would be extra blessed if we ate it at a church and 
God would protect us from any tummy troubles!!)

That chowmein was ridiculous!

Everything was so good, especially the BBQ pork buns!
After lunch the tour began.

Leading us to the most sacred of places, Ross Alley!

Yes, because it's the home of the back door to this place!

The smell is intoxicating and the process fascinating.
Such a treat.

The tour continued

These lanterns are my favorite!
Such a bright, happy display that spurs on celebration.

It was a fabulous day
Thanks Uncle Marc for the interesting facts, laughs and fun in Chinatown!
Happy weekend everyone - go on an adventure and don't be afraid to eat where the locals do!

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