Thursday, July 3, 2014


Would you believe I've never taken my girls for a "real" haircut!
They are 8 and either my mother or I have always cut their hair.
They really needed a haircut so it was time to call the salon.

We had talked about donating their hair, but it meant cutting off a few more inches than they really wanted.

I could see the fear in my daughter's eyes.  She really didn't want her hair cut above her shoulders.  I told her that a few more inches meant some other person who is sick with no hair would be able to get a wig.  I could see the battle in her mind.  I kept encouraging her that it would grow back quickly and she was so close!
She finally decided to do it ( I felt badly for being so persuasive!) and it's adorable!

Sister followed suit.

We had talked about them donating their hair for sometime as it is something I want to do now that my hair is crazy long and needs to go! (If you know an organization that takes color treated hair, let me know), but once we got to the salon and it became real, they started to question their decision.
It was really just a few inches more than they planned on cutting to be able to donate, but those few inches were a real sacrifice.  
We all know that great sacrifices are required of us in life to reap great rewards - like sacrificing your body for 9 months (let's be honest, it's more like 2 years) if you want to have a baby.
Or uprooting, leaving your community and moving to a new city to take the job you really want.
Quitting your dream job and moving to another state to marry that man that God has called you to share your life with.
But what about the choice we face almost daily to sacrifice something small for a greater good?
I don't know about you, but often in my life it's those few extra inches, one more lap, another hour... that stops me from making the sacrifice
It might be a small thing like not making the dish I want because the recipe is too demanding and I don't want to sacrifice my time.  Or not having a stronger, more healthy body because I'm not willing to stay on the treadmill for 30 more minutes each day.
But to get the result we want, be it a fantastic meal, healthy body or helping someone, it means a little sacrifice.
Are you willing to sacrifice a few more inches today to help another or get what you really want?


  1. Bella hasn't had her hair cut yet either; she's 5 1/2! I think the girls' haircuts look fantastic! Beautiful lil ladies



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