Friday, February 28, 2014

Cowboy Cookout, The Final Frontier

Well friends, this will wrap up the Cowboy Cookout!
The Cowboy Photo Shoot, Cowboy Cookout Part 1, Cowboy Cookout Part 2
What makes birthdays so special is the people that come to celebrate!
We are so blessed that our grandparents won't miss a party!!

We had a little dessert table set up with S'mores pops, red licorice and our Cookout Cake
and I just had to display some of the pics from my photo shoot with my little man!

I saw this cake on Pintrist and I had to make it!
I give full credit to this lady, whom I completely copied!

It was probably my most favorite birthday cake I've made thus far!
Maybe it's because marshmallows are my favorite food!
Here are the easy, step by step instructions.
I was shocked that it came out so well!!

Each child went home with a little bag of gold and a bendy cowboy friend (along with their cowboy get up)

And then the real games began!
We had a little family shoot out competition until the sun went down

Can't believe our baby is now 5!
Yee Haw!
Have a great weekend!

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