Monday, February 3, 2014

Anne Girl

Have you seen Anne of Green Gables?
Stop everything now and go buy it!
Yes, buy it.  Because you'll be hard pressed to find it anywhere to rent - not even Amazon!
How do I know this?
Well... it all started with a little invitation to our sweet Twin Friends to come for breakfast, pjs and Anne on Saturday morning.

The girls were due to arrive at 8am (!) for our 4 hour movie marathon, and at 7:30 I turned on the TV to get the movie up and ready.
With the many renting options, I never in a million years thought I wouldn't be able to get
Anne of Green Gables.
On Demand, Hulu, Amazon... you name it, they don't have it!
I quickly texted the girls to see if they owned the movie and they did!
on VHS!
We no longer own a VCR, so that was no good.
What in the world was I going to do?
I had a bunch of yummy breakfast foods prepped
Like Dutch Baby Pancakes with blackberries and raspberries...

They came over anyway, determined that there must be a way!
Vimeo had it in 15 minutes increments (the whole movie is 4 hours long!)
so we could piece it together!
We tried and tried, but couldn't get that to work on our TV.
Finally, one of the girls offered to run back home and get her laptop and speakers and bring it back to watch on her computer!
Are we crazy or what?
Then guess what?  
That kept timing out and failing us!
Somehow the girls kept smiling as the burning desire to watch Anne helped us press on!
I made some phone calls and found out that Barnes and Noble had the movie and I rushed out to buy it!
Now 10am, 2 hours after our guests had arrived, we properly started the movie!

And all was well.
Let me just say I learned a few things that morning:
1.  My father was right, "proper prior planning prevents pitifully poor performance"! 
 I should have checked on the movie the night before!
2.  Where there's a will, there's a way!
Those girls were not willing to give up no matter what!
Their determination to watch Anne resulted in us finally watching the movie, against all odds!
3.  Lastly - somethings in life are worth fighting for.
Watching Anne of Green Gables is one of them!!!

Happy Monday

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  1. We read the book while drinking tea during Hannah's kindergarten year. Then we asked for it for Christmas. so we do have it. They recently asked to see it again, so we will!



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