Sunday, December 15, 2013

Family Christmas Party

It's one of my favorite holiday traditions, started by my girls!
The Family Christmas Party
A few years ago, my girls saw all the entertaining we do and decided they wanted in on the action!
They planned a Christmas party for just our family.
Saturday we had our 3rd annual Family Christmas Party and it was a blast.
We play games
(Zingo is awesome for all ages!)
Uno Moo is also fun for littles
We eat yummy foods and usually drive around to see Christmas lights, but this year they just wanted to keep playing games!
Then we got on jammies and watched Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas (another favorite)
Christmas time can get a little nutty!
So, it's fun in the midst of all the entertaining and holiday events, to take a whole afternoon and evening and just spend it with our family

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  1. You TOTALLY should have used the "nutty" picture on your Christmas cards! LOL- LOVE it!



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