Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Wrap Up

Haven't been blogging lately.
There is just too many fun things going on this time of year and in the evenings, when I usually blog, I've just wanted to sit by the tree, watch a Christmas movie and enjoy a hot toddy of sorts!
Tomorrow we head up north to spend Christmas with family at my parents' house,
so I thought I'd post some pics to share what we've been up to this month!
In sunny Southern California we don't get snow!  But our church brings in 95 tons of it each year for a Christmas extravaganza for the community. 
Nothing is better than hitting up the sledding runs a few days after when everyone is at work!
Auntie Becky came for a quick 24 hours to wish us some holiday cheer!
Then Grammie came for her traditional cookies and gingerbread house making

Little Dude was a shepherd at his Christmas performance!
The girls celebrated a Medieval Christmas with our homeschool group

Our friends had us for a magical Christmas Jammie Cookie Decorating Party!

Little Dude had his class party and made precious Mangers!

As I picked up the masterpiece to take it home, in slow motion it flew off the plate - I scrambled to catch it with the plate - hit the wall - crashed to the floor and shattered.
As he began to cry, I let him eat the gumdrops and all was well!
At least I got a photo of the Holy Family before I dropped them all!
And get out of town with these cupcakes!
Sweet Baby Jesus!
And we did a little beach photo shoot for our family Christmas card

I'll post the card next week for my final post of 2013!
5 days left to throw your list away and just sit with your friends and family and enjoy the season!


  1. How crazy is it that your kids HAVE been sledding in California where you don't get snow and mine have not...and we DO get snow! LOL ! How fun! Great pics, friend!

  2. what I really want to know is did you take your awesome family photos? Because they are waaaay to good to be self-done. SO cute. your Christmas card is my all-time favorite!

    1. Since you live so far away, I had to do them myself! A tripod works wonders!!! miss you friends! xoxox



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