Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Doing Something In A New Way

A couple of weeks ago at school we were talking about famous Renaissance artists, inventors and scientists.  As we talked about Michael Angelo and his painting of the Sistine Chapel, we talked about how difficult it would be to paint the ceiling!

To gain a little insight, I tapped paper to the bottom of our table and the children laid on their backs to draw pictures. (This wasn't my idea, I saw in on another blog!!)
It was really cool to see them fidget, and wiggle and try to get comfortable while they drew!
I'll be honest, I thought they might enjoy this for a moment or two, but then be uncomfortable and beg to sit up and draw.
I was wrong!
They were down there for about a half hour!
What surprised me most was how incredible their pictures came out!
I thought for sure it would be too difficult for them and they wouldn't be able to draw.
But I was wrong!
Sometimes I have one set way of doing something.
I get stuck in my ways and honestly - I sometimes think there is only one way to do something,
 and it's my way!
My children were so open to trying to draw in a whole different way.
No complaining.
No arguing or trying to convince me otherwise.
They were excited to try something they do everyday, in a whole new way.
Ahhh, I thought I was teaching them about Michael Angelo -
they were teaching me to embrace the fact that there is more than one way to do something and often times, it's fun to try a new method!


  1. My girls loved doing it too.. next time let them try it with paint!

  2. I'll have to try this! How fun! !



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