Friday, November 8, 2013

Cheer Them On

 This year my girls chose different activities to participate in.
One chose ballet.
The other chose to join the swim team!
It's kinda cool because I did both ballet and swim team growing up.
I get to relive my childhood through them once again!
She had her first swim meet last week and she was soooooo excited.
I don't know what was more exciting for her - swimming her event or
getting the Halloween pumpkin swim cap!!
I'll be totally honest - I'm not exactly sure what stroke she was swimming.
I think it started out as freestyle and ended up breast stroke with a touch of butterfly going on!
But we cheered and screamed at the end of the lane all the same.
At the end she was interviewed by the press (Daddy)
and given a piece of candy (because all races in life should end with candy!)
You've heard it said that half of life is just showing up.
Well, I'll say half of parenting is just cheering them on.
The world will shout all sorts of things at them as they grow.
Even if you don't know what stroke they're doing -
be the loudest one in the crowd of their life!
Happy Weekend!


  1. How fun for you to cheer on the girls as they follow in mommy's footsteps!!

  2. Love this!!!!! I'm a swimmer and I would have been pretty excited about that pumpkin cap! Swimming is so fun in that you cheer as loud as you can and don't look silly because everyone does it.



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