Monday, August 26, 2013

The Lake

My fondest childhood memories center around being on a lake in the summer.
I grew up water skiing and each summer we went on a houseboat with 2 other families.
We slept on the roof of the boat, watching falling stars most of the night.
We woke early to ski while the water was still like glass.
We were victims to our fathers' thinking that we were invincible
as they pushed us to death's door on the inner tubes behind the boat!
We played hard, slept hard and ate more frozen snickers bars than one kid should!
It was a dream.

That is why last weekend was bitter sweet -
Bitter because my daughters were 7 and this was their first time on a lake!
And sweet because it finally happened!
Some friends invited us to join them on their vacation to Bass Lake.
I was a water ski instructor on that lake after I graduated from college many years ago, so it is a special place to me.
I love everything about being on a lake in the summertime:
the sweet smell of pine trees
mixed with the sharp smell of boat exhaust
mixed with the earthy smell of lake water
along with the warm breeze
roar of boat engines
buzzing of jet skies
the spray of water on your sunburned skin
ahhhh, I just love being on a boat on a lake!
We rented a patio boat which could pull some toys!
But luckily it didn't go fast enough to bring on the flashbacks of my eyelids being peeled back from hitting the water so hard as a child!!
So I decided to get on with the kids
For the 2 minute ride, little dude kept saying, "I want to get off now.
So we let him get off and the girls and I got back at it!
I felt like a kid again!

It was a magical day.
It was the first time as a parent that I got to share my most favorite childhood experience with my children, and it may have become my most favorite parenthood memory!
I sure hope the kids caught the fever!
So long for now Bass Lake,
hope to see you again next Summer!


  1. Sounds magical!! It is a great moment when your kids enjoy/love what you do too. So glad your family got to do this!

  2. My most favorite family has gone almost every summer ( and some winters) to Bass Lake since I was 9 years old!!!! It is a magical place and the SMELL....:-) The first time we took our kids a couple years ago...we rolled the windows down and Olivia said " Mom , what is that smell???" amazing....So glad you had a nice time..:-)

  3. That is awesome! I wish I could share my childhood memories with my kids, but I grew up in Florida, and, well, OK is nowhere near there! LOL... one day I will!!

    Great pics!



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