Saturday, August 10, 2013

10 on 10 August

After a week away,
I return with 10 on 10!!
10 photos
over 10 hours
on the 10th

1.  2 per kid 2x a day
2.  25 minutes at 400 degrees
3.  working on the project
4.  we took them off
5.  he did it!
6.  a new treat for me
7.  put the little dude to work
8.  almost done
9.  emptying the dishes
10.  a note
Happy Weekend!


  1. What fun pictures! Exciting to ride the bike free of training wheels that first time! Hooray! And that last note was so sweet. I love the line for your response. :) Thank you for sharing!

  2. Looks like you went bike riding too!
    Love the apology note too.

  3. Great photos. The firepit looks good, my youngest and I are building one at the moment. I like the way you have seating around yours, something we need to look at doing too.

  4. You cook bacon like I do!! Love it crispy like that :) I bake it on a foil lined cookie sheet...that way after the fat solidifies, I just throw away the foil and the pan is easy to clean!

  5. Really lovely photos. The apology note is just beautiful, and thank you for stopping by my 10 on 10 the other day too.



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