Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Body of Christ + 10 on 10

I love how God so perfectly, uniquely, individually gifted us to accomplish His purposes.
We don't all have the same gifts.
We are not all "feet."
But together, with our differences, we make up a complete body.
All parts working together in their individual job to further the Kingdom of God.
I know most people have the fear of public speaking.
I can't really wrap my head around that considering I LOVE public speaking.
If I have an audience who will listen to me, I'm in heaven!
How doesn't everyone love speaking in public?
But then Auntie came to visit.
With squeals of delight coming from the back porch, I ran out to find a tiny creature being passed around.
"Look what Auntie caught Mommy!"
I almost threw up!
"Isn't he cute?"
  "He's a baby Mommy!"
  "Do you want to hold him?"
There is no way in the universe I would EVER hold that lizard.
I don't care how tiny he was.
I know he's jump onto my face and sink his little claws
into my face so deeply that I couldn't pull him off.
He might even kill me.
As she held this lizard I kept saying,
 "not too close to your face honey. 
Thank God for Aunties!
Thank God that he has gifted some to be lizard catchers, some to risk their lives holding lizards too close to their face, and some to stand way back and take photos to remember this day!
Yes, not everyone likes public speaking.
And not everyone likes tiny, baby lizards!

10 on 10 July

1.  early morning
2. overcast skies
3.  rain!
4.  my pager at Bible study
5.  what the children constructed while I was late picking them up
6.  crafts
7.  nachos
8.  "I just love glasses and I don't know why"
9.  Trader's run
10.  off to the birthday party


  1. love this set. especially the cutie in glasses!
    and amen to the above :)

  2. I wish we had a TJ's! We are getting one semi-nearby soon & I can't wait!

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful day! Those nachos look delish!

  4. Awesome 10 on 10. The nachos look yummy! Cute kiddos!

  5. What beautiful photos! Love the lizard story, too. I think I'd rather hold a lizard than speak publicly... ;)

  6. My bestie growing up absolutely hates lizards too... I loved them!! I felt like I was reading something she'd write LOL!! GREAT 10 ON10! Still wish OK would get a TJs

  7. Cool set of photos with the lizard. I like the play-by-play too. Thanks for sharing.

  8. My dad used to catch lizards and salamanders etc for me...they would routinely be in my doll houses instead of the dolls...drove my momma crazy!! :) and you first 10::10 picture - that book changed my life...hope it is blessing you too!! Beautiful set!



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