Friday, June 7, 2013

Teacher Gift

Today is my little dude's last day of pre-school!  
Whereas I'm thrilled to have him home everyday, I'll really miss the awesome community of families and kiddos at his school.  Thankfully we'll see them all next year!
Here is our little class gift for his teacher.
Of course I saw it on Pintrist and couldn't resist!  
What did we do before Printrist?  

So we collected money from the families, I exchanged their money for all $1 dollar bills, and every child wrote 3 quotes about their teacher and school and we made a little book!
120 Reasons Why We Love Mrs. Berg.
It came out super cute and we know she'll love it!
Who doesn't love cold hard cash?
Happy Weekend!


  1. So. Was there 120 quotes or 120 dollars or both? This is a super fun idea.... I'm sure Mrs Berg loved it!!

    1. There was $120 dollars. I really wanted to have one quote per dollar, but with 14 4 year olds, that was going to be impossible! So I was grateful for about 35 quotes to place between the dollars!!



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