Monday, June 17, 2013

Super Dad!

We had a really fun Father's Day weekend, celebrating our Super Dads!
My father-in-law was here on Saturday, so we got to celebrate him too!
In the morning, the men received an urgent message that told them of a crime where tri tip was being stolen at the Elk's Lodge! (our new favorite Saturday lunch spot!)
They had to run over immediately and save the day!
Then they needed to travel at the speed of light to the movie theatre to see Man of Steel.
While our Super Dads were gone, the kids got to work!
They decorated with some chalkboard art
They set up an obstacle course for some Hero training!
They gave a demo for the Dads
And then our Super Dads ran the course!
Running through chairs faster than a speeding bullet
Leaping over toys in a single bound!

And then.... my favorite... the girls made their own "photo booth" and did their own little photo shoots!  I was so proud!!!
They took all their photos with their LeapPads!
Then Grandpa ran the course
We ended the day with an all American dinner of BBQ chicken, potato salad, biscuits, lemonade and berry cobbler (recipe to follow).
Yesterday, on Father's Day, just our little family went to church where we were blessed by guest speaker Roddy Chong - he was AMAZING!
We came home and swam like crazy and all crashed out in our fort.
Happy Father's Day to our Super Hero Dad!!!
*Berry Cobbler Recipe is over here!


  1. Have I told you lately how AWESOME you are??!! This looks like super fun!

  2. Remind me to ping you like three weeks before Father's Day to get ideas. Another question--where did you get that great kids book rack in the room? I love it and need one just like it.

    1. Hey Lyric,
      That super cute bookcase.... $5 at a yard sale! Yep, one of my favorite finds!!!



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