Wednesday, June 5, 2013


We've had some busy weeks lately!
Good - but busy!
These 2 little ladies had their first chorus concert,
so Grammie and Papa came down to see the show!
While they were here, there was some Lego building with Papa (the engineer) and Macky boy.
Praise God for Grandpas, Uncles, Daddys and whoever has the patience to follow the directions to build these crazy things!
I just want to look at the final picture and put it together as best I can to match the photo!
Forget about the step by step directions.
When I was little, there was always a lot of music in our home.  We had a few albums of the Gaithers music for kids.  I remember one specific song about boys fishing.
The words went something like this:
"God loves to talk to boys while they're fishing.
It seem to be time they listen best."
As a little girl, I didn't understand that song.  Fishing sounded boring to me!
Sitting around for hours, waiting for a fish to bite!  No thank you!
But now, as a Mom, I see my little man sit still for quite some time while building Legos and
I wonder if that is a time when he can listen best.
He is still.
He is focused.
He is patient.
Hmmmmmm, maybe I should get into fishing and Legos! 
I could use some of that stillness to just listen!

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