Friday, December 16, 2011

One Eyed Squirrel

When I was little my mom used to lay me across the bathroom counter to wash my hair in the sink.  I loved that time, it was always so special and she would tell me stories as she washed my hair.  
I had one favorite story that I always asked her to tell me - the story of the one eyed squirrel.
Why?  I have no idea! 

But for some reason I loved it and perhaps that is what sparked my secret obsession with squirrels!
When my mom was here this week to bake with the children, as they made gingerbread houses, she told them the story of the one eyed squirrel.

When I was a little girl, we live in New Jersey.  At Christmas time my mom would always make gingerbread houses.  After the season was over, she would put the stale houses on the back porch for the squirrels to come eat.  There was one special squirrel who had been in a fight with the cat next door and was left with only one eye.  The one eyed squirrel loved to come eat the gingerbread houses!
The End

To my amazement, my children have not stopped talking about the one eyed squirrel since Grammie told them the story.  Hmmmm, I think there's a little crazy in our family!
Happy Weekend!

PS Trader Joe's has the cutest gingerbread house kits - look at these cute people it comes with!
Monday will be the final Intentional Family Traditions - filled with Holiday Recipes!

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