Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Cookie Baking

Grammie is here to bake Christmas cookies with the children and make gingerbread houses!
We started with our Spritz cookies.

 Want to know a great tip? 
Place tape over some of the holes of the sprinkles so that they all don't pour out when decorating! 
This is especially helpful if you have little hands that are helping shake on the sprinkles!

 It's a great idea to always check on the progress of your baking! 
(Dragging a chair in front of the oven is optional!)
 Oh, and including your baby dolls is very important too!
It was a success!  The Spritz cookies were amazing!
Link up your favorite holiday traditions here


  1. Love this tradition!!! They look so sweet...watching their cookies bake.

  2. Tape up a few holes on the sprinkles bottle! Brilliant!



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