Friday, January 21, 2011

Grateful Heart Friday

It’s Grateful Heart Friday! Truly becoming one of my favorite days (who doesn’t love Friday anyway?) because by the end of the week I feel a bit spent, out of ideas, tired and wondering – “what did I do this week?” To sit down and reflect not only helps me answer that question and be amazed at all I did accomplish, but focusing on what to be grateful for refreshes me, inspires me and gives me new energy! So here we go:

Yesterday I packed my children with a picnic and headed to one of our favorite parks. When we got there a school bus pulled up and unloaded a million children, quickly making this fun day out miserable for me! So we packed back up and headed to our neighborhood park where we were almost all alone! What happened next was wonderful, beautiful, peaceful and dare I say – perfect! All three of my children played together for about an hour without any yelling, tears, or competition. The girls ushered their little brother up through the play structure until they were at the top and together all three went down the big tunnel slide. The moment they reached the bottom, huge smiles and tons of laughter, my son said, “again.” And they did it all over again. And again. And again! My heart was so full. When we conduct ourselves in life the way our Creator intended, things go well for us. We are blessed, we are joy filled, we are happy, we enjoy this life we’ve been given. God has laid out guidelines for us, not to harm us or frustrate us, but to protect us and show us where abundant life is really found. To see my children loving one another, helping one another, sharing, taking turns and including one another made me think, “this is how God created family to be.” And when we live our lives in relationship with others the way God intended, our life is so full that we can’t help but be grateful.
     I’m grateful for the school bus load of kids that forced me to leave. I’m grateful for 3 beautiful, healthy children. I’m grateful for a very fun husband who kisses me goodbye every morning. I’m grateful for awesome neighbors and their love for our family. I’m grateful for a God that loves me enough to tell me “no” and give me boundaries so that I can thrive in this life!
     Now it’s your turn – take a few moments to reflect on all the blessings from this past week and cultivate your grateful heart!


  1. Have I mentioned how much I love your Friday posts?? Hehe! All day long I've been pondering what to write today, when I remembered just a few minutes ago, "WOW, it's grateful heart Friday!" No need to wonder what to write... I get to spend today's post being grateful for all God has done!! WAHOO!

  2. It is amazing how when we do the things God tells us to how much better things go. He even tells us that and gives us hints like when He said in Deut 30:19 ...i have set before you life and death... NOW choose life... He loves us that much that He gives us the answer.

  3. Your post encouraged me today Raeanne, even though it IS Saturday rather than Friday now.

    I'm grateful for so much right now: my husband, time to work on things I'm passionate about and being back home in Seattle. :)



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