Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bon Anniversaire!

Bon Anniversaire Mon Petit Blog!
Well, to all of you out there who have been on the edge of your seat to see what’s coming on January 5th – I’m sure you’re a little disappointed – I’m not announcing a new pregnancy on my blog! Today marks my one year anniversary of writing “Not My Own.” May seem small to most, but it feels somewhat like a big accomplishment to me! To celebrate this fun day I thought we’d do some redecorating. So, I hope there’s a little more curb appeal to my little blog and just note that it’s not finished yet! There are some more fun changes to come (obviously there are some kinks to work out - like wacky spacing and where did the date go?), but remember: my life is not my own and neither is my time, so some things just didn’t get finished!!
       One year ago today I started this blog with this first post. I was so nervous (still am a little) and very unsure about this whole blog world (still am a little!). My number one motivation was a voice in my head that kept saying, “you should write a blog.” After not being able to shake it for several months, I dove into this foreign world and I have been more than surprised by it. I was always someone who journaled often and loved to write out my prayers. When my babies came along, I would sit in their nursery as they slept and I’d write my prayers for them and journal about being a mom. But I think that only lasted a few months until the exhaustion took over and that ended my journaling career! I’ve missed how journaling focuses me on God as I’m talking to Him. I’m so easily distracted. I’ve missed how journaling forced me to examine my everyday life and see where God was at work. This blog has been a gift to me in that it has taken me back to my journaling days and allowed me to see that in the everyday, mundane routine that sometimes is mommyhood, God is moving. He is speaking. He is teaching. He is at work. Yes, since my babies have come along my life has changed radically and the feeling I once had of being significant with a title, important, needed, and dare I say a little sought after for my gifts, has gone, my God has not forgotten me and He is just as interested in loving me and transforming me as I do the laundry, drive to pre-school, make 5-6 meals a day and brush 4 sets of teeth, as He was when I was ministering to hundreds of college students. This blog has reminded me of that. I’m actually a little choked up as I write this! It’s a good reminder to me that the sometimes the thankless job of being a mom to 3 littles and doing what seems to be so insignificant and unnoticed is just as high of a calling as telling the masses about Jesus.
       My prayer is that for how many ever read this blog – be it one or twenty-one – I pray that you are encouraged. I pray that you are challenged. I pray that you are pointed more towards Jesus. To the one or twenty-one, thank you for reading. I’m honored that you would.
       My plan is to continue in the same format. Blogging every Monday, Wednesday and working on my Grateful Heart on Fridays. I’ll still Embrace the Camera on Thursdays with Emily and crew. I’m hoping that my dinner ideas don’t run out and will continue to throw out some recipes on “What’s For Dinner?” I’m hoping to start a little “Party” section to highlight my love for throwing a fun party and showcase some of my amazing friends and their outrageous creativity through the parties they throw! And my biggest challenge, as I’ve been convicted to be Strong & Courageous in 2011, is to highlight my passion for speaking and teaching and open the door to future opportunities to travel and speak about Jesus.
       I can’t believe it’s been one year, but I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share my journey of discovering Jesus now that my life is Not My Own.

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  1. Congratulations! I am so blessed by your calling to blog. God is using you in powerful ways...through the written word...not to mention through your love for others (especially my family!). Happy Birthday "Not My Own!"

    (I already had that salad on our dinner menu for this week. I'm so glad to hear that you like it too."



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