Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Chasing The Light

My daughters are about to hit double digits!
I've considered this milestone birthday for sometime and wondered how I might make it special and memorable for them.
Perhaps I'm really trying to make it most memorable for myself!
It's all going so quickly, rather cliche I know, but far too true not to say.
I want to mark this 10th birthday because it's the last one they'll ever have.
My baby girls will only turn 10 once!
They're so excited to grow up.
I'm holding onto every moment, wishing I could pause and rewind a bit.
In my effort to pause their little lives, I took them into the hills to capture some photos of them.
In desperate pursuit of the "golden hour," we devoured our dinner and took off for the hills.
As we started our hike, I feared we missed it.  
A hiker on the trail passing us by simply said, "chasing the light!"
Yes, I was chasing more than light.
I was chasing my little girls that were quickly on the trail to teendom 
and then college and marriage and...
I needed to run faster.
Out of breath and increasingly disappointed,
 I ran even faster to capture the fleeing bits of gold.
And just when I thought we'd missed it, I turned around to find my girls putting flowers in each other's hair.
All too soon this life scene between sisters will repeat,
 perhaps with doing each other's hair for prom or their wedding, 
and even more then, I want to be on the trail with them, chasing the light that is their lives.

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