Monday, November 2, 2015

Mom's 70th

I just returned from a fabulous adventure with my Mom to celebrate her 70th birthday.
Her destination of choice:  Cape Cod
We flew into Rhode Island and spent a day in Newport, touring the mansions, 
before we drove out to the Cape.

If you know my mother and her dramatic imagination - hats were a must at the mansions in her book!

The extravagance, the opulence, the wealth, it was all too much.
Yet I'm confident I was made to live in one of these mansions!

We had the most fabulous food.
Lobster Rolls to die for and the decadent 3 course breakfasts at our Inn.

We chased sunsets, sun rises and lighthouses.

We did a little shopping and a lot of walking.

 She made her art...

And I made mine.

It was such a treasured time away, celebrating my fabulous mother.

I'm blessed everyday to have my Mom as my best friend.  Some people spend their whole life searching for their best friend, their soul mate, kindred spirit.  I was lucky enough to be born to mine!
All that I am and all that I hope to be is her.
Love you Moma
Happy 70th


  1. What a wonderful place to experience together! I have a special place in my heart for Cape Cod since my parents met there and I was born there. Visiting always makes me feel like a character in a really good movie :) So glad you got to visit.

  2. Such a sweet post and it looked so fun! Your mom is really great, and you are too!



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