Monday, November 16, 2015

Halloween Candy For Christmas

Do you still have piles like these around your house?


Lord have mercy!
Notice you don't see too many Twix, they're my downfall!
My children go to bed and Moma has a field day of indulgence!

Every family deals with Halloween candy differently and that's cool.
Some send it all to the troops.
Some do the "Switch Witch,"
(my kids were terrified at the thought of a witch
coming into their rooms to take their candy!)
Some turn it into their Dentist.
And some, like us, let their kids eat it!
Not all of it (obviously, it's November 16th and we still have all of this!).
I kinda do what my mom did with the candy - you keep it out in the old school plastic orange pumpkin buckets for a few days and let them have it whenever they want it.
 Then after a few days it goes into a cupboard.
Out of sight, out of mind!
And then, every so often, they ask, "hey, where is my Halloween candy?"
 And I reply, it's in the cupboard, go pick a piece.
They days between them asking for the out of sight candy get farther and farther apart until I hit the
"Expiration Date."
Once we get to Thanksgiving, the candy expires in our house!  And usually I throw it all away.

But this year, I have a brilliant idea.....
Make GINGERBREAD HOUSES with all the candy!
I wanted to make an example to share, but I don't want to waste our candy!!
And it goes against everything I believe in to do anything "Christmasy" until after Thanksgiving!
Every year I go buy a ton of candy to use to make our Gingerbread Houses, but not this year!
Tootsie Rolls become chimneys or stacked for a log cabin effect or stacked outside the Gingerbread House like a pile of fire wood.
Lolly pops become street lamps.
MnMs and Skittles become Christmas lights on the Gingerbread House.
Smarties line the walkway up to the house.
Nerds become tiny Christmas lights on the house or used to make designs on the house.
The possibilities are endless!

So Happy Halloween turns into Merry Christmas!!

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