Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Say Sorry

It's no secret that this little dude has my heart.
I just want to kiss his little cheekies all day long!
He says some of the most magical things to me.
He often tells me that I'm beautiful and how much he loves me.
He has such a tender heart and always wants to make sure everyone is included!
He is so funny!
He makes me laugh all the time and it a constant source of smiles.
I had a rough morning on Monday.
And by rough I mean I had all 3 kids crying by 8am because Moma lost it!
They weren't obeying Moma at all.  They started chasing each other through the house and screaming while I was in the shower.  No one brushed their teeth.
They spent about 45 minutes at breakfast.  45 minutes!  It's crazy making.
And I came unglued.
I started yelling at them and I knew I was wrong.
I was angry and just needed to get alone and calm down.
As they all filed into the car to go to school, all 3 were whimpering and sniffling.
As we buckled in and I made it clear that no one was to speak, my little dude disobeyed.
"You need to say sorry Moma."
The mix of emotions choked me.
He was so right.  I needed to say sorry in a big way.
Not just to my 3 babies, but to the God who entrusted me with them.
Some of the hardest yet most powerful 3 words to say
I am sorry

Embracing the Camera this week on Instagram
An everyday moment - eating morning cereal
You know Halloween is close when I buy Franken Berry!!
Check out
#embracethecamera on Instagram to see the other Momas getting in a photo :)


  1. Love this post... and darn it! I hate when they tell me I'm wrong! Silly kids! You are not alone in the "unglued" moments... aren't we glad the kids (and GOD) forgive us every time!!??
    Love ya friend! He gets his sweet spirit from his mommy- you should be proud!

  2. You forgot an emotion "LAUGH". I have to tell you that you make me laugh. Thank you :)
    While you were in the shower, expecting the world surrounding your shower stall to flow easily just like the water you bathed in; well it did! They had fun and it was their time to become "unglued"! (not truly knowing that Moma's "unglued" moment was to follow). Tho' they probably didn't even think that they were doing wrong, they had their "urge" and "let loose" moment and it happened to be while you were in the shower :) No pre-planning.
    Sorry is a powerful word at any age.
    Did you ever think about the fact that maybe they didn't brush their teeth because they LOVED the breakfast that you gave them (and it took 45 minutes because they loved it so much!) and by not brushing their teeth they could taste it all day!? LOL
    Testing the waters and drinking the tears. My ONE LITTLE did it to me and still does. It's OK I wouldn't have it any other way!
    Remember that they are kids only once and it goes by fast. It all may not be funny at the time but a LAUGH later reminds you that there will be MANY MORE SORRYS TO COME. XO



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