Friday, May 4, 2012

Grateful For The Bounce House

I had hoped to do a Rainbow Tea Party post today and share all the fun photos from my little ladies' 6th birthday party last Saturday, but one of those little ladies has been running a fever for the past 3 days, so a simple post of Gratitude will have to do!

The little ladies received a crazy birthday gift from their grandparents....

A bounce house with a water slide!

My folks were afraid that this gift would be a big burden for the parents.
The kids play in this for hours with tons of laughter!
Burden?  I think not!
I'm grateful for this dream come true bounce house in our backyard. 

I'm thankful for an incredible mom who helped so much with her granddaughter's party.  I'm grateful for an amazing dad who helped just as much.  I'm grateful for God's blessing to our family.  I'm grateful for friends who celebrate life's joys with us.  I'm grateful for television.  (Is that ok to say?  Especially Interior Therapy and American Idol)  I'm grateful for this beautiful Spring we've been having - it's not the typical  90+ degree Spring, but a lovely, overcast, cool, drizzly Spring!  I love it!
I'm grateful for full nights of sleep.  I'm grateful for sweet children who are innocent and full of wonder.  I'm thankful for a fun international date with my husband (more on that Monday).  I'm grateful for my amazing Bible study leader - Rita - who is a stunning woman of God.  Most of all I'm thankful for a risen Lord.  I just love that death couldn't keep Him down and that I have a relationship with a God who is alive!  Awesome!
Happy Weekend and I'll be back Monday with a fun Make Out Monday post!

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