Thursday, May 3, 2012

Embrace THE Man

Yesterday I wrote about the amazing blessing God gave our family on Tuesday...
a new position for my husband at work so that he will no longer have to work the graveyard shift on the weekends.  Praise God, our family might return to "normal" in a few months!
 I'm so grateful for this hard working man!
He truly goes above and beyond to take care of our family.

I love you babe!


  1. I am in love with these photos- so sweet! And yay for the great news for your family! I'm stopping by from Embrace the Camera. Have a great day! (O:

  2. Awe, these are so cute! You guys look so happy! :-)

  3. Hubba! Hubba! ....and they lived happily ever after!!!!

  4. what a gorgeous couple! congrats on the blessing.

    just found your blog, it's nice to meet you :)

    xo ashley



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